Welcome Benedikt!

We welcome Benedikt Brunner as new PhD student in our group, starting late May. He will work on questions relating to biodiversity loss across spatial scale in the marine intertidal.

PhD student position!

We are seeking a curious and enthusiastic PhD student to work with questions relating to the functional consequence of changes in marine biodiversity. Merit-wise, curiosity and enthusiasm are as important as grades. Model system: the marine intertidal. Apply by Jan 17th.


If you want to have a look at key papers relevant to the project, please have a look at the following:

Isbell et al. 2017, Nature (general overview paper about biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, BEF)

Bracken et al. 2017, Ecology (a marine BEF experiment)

Gamfeldt et al. 2015, Oikos (a marine BEF meta-analysis paper)

Gonzalez et al. 2020, Ecology Letters (overview about BEF across scales)

New project funded!

Great news today. 4-year project funded by Swedish research council VR. Title: Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning across spatial scales. Looking forward to planning new field studies and experiments.

New paper about phytoplankton biodiversity

We have a new paper in press about how the diversity of phytoplankton varies across a large salinity gradient, and within seasons.

Olofsson, Hagan, Karlson and Gamfeldt. Large seasonal and spatial variation in nano- and microphytoplankton diversity along a Baltic Sea – North Sea salinity gradient. Scientific Reports.

Paper accepted

Happy to have a paper accepted in FEMS Microbiology Ecology.

Wittorf,  Roger, Alsterberg, Gamfeldt, Hulth, Sundbäck, Jones, Hallin. 2020. Habitat diversity and type govern potential nitrogen loss by denitrification in coastal sediments and differences in ecosystem-level diversities of disparate N2O reducing communities.

New manuscript submitted

Glad to announce that I’m coauthor on the following submitted manuscript: Stand age and climate influence forest ecosystem service delivery and multifunctionality.


World Biodiversity Forum

James and Lars are attending the first ever World Biodiversity Forum, in Davos (Switzerland). The conference brings together around 500 people, including some of the world’s leading experts when it comes to biodiversity science, conservation and management.


Interested in doing a Master’s project?

If you are interested in doing a Master’s project in functional biodiversity research, please contact us (e-mail, Twitter). We are planning field studies this coming summer in a rock pool system. If you are more interested in analyses of biodiversity time series data (phytoplankton, benthic fauna), that could also be a project.

2019-10-25: Meta-analysis course complete!

Lars and James completed the meta-analysis course for ecology and evolution over a great week at Tjärno Marine Laboratory (University of Gothenburg). Thanks to both Julia Koricheva and Jessica Gurevitch. We both learnt a lot and are looking forward to applying these methods in our research projects.





Group picture aboard the Nereus. Lars missed the group picture unfortunately but he was there in spirit.