Lars Gamfeldt: I am a lecturer in marine benthic ecology at the Department for marine sciences, University of Gothenburg, in Sweden. My main interests concern the causes and consequences of biodiversity. Currently I am the sole person in my research group, though I collaborate with many great people, such as John Griffin (UK), Jon Lefcheck (US), Jarrett Byrnes (US), Fabian Roger (Swe), Christian Alsterberg (Swe), Micael Jonsson (Swe) and Janne Bengttson (Swe).
I strongly believe that we scientists need to lead by example when it comes to issues such as climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.

Previous members of the group:
Fabian Roger: Fabian worked with questions concerning the consequences of losing species in the rare biosphere. He’s currently a postdoc at Lund University.
Jenny Egardt, PhD student: Jenny’s project was about outdoor recreation in marine protected areas, and its potential effect on the environment. As a case study she used the newly founded marine national park, Kosterhavet, where she mapped activities associated with outdoor recreation and their effects on shallow coastal areas.
Johan Eklöf, postdoc: Johan studied the consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss in seagrass systems. He is now a lecturer at Stockholm university (see web page).
Knut Wester Kringstad: BSC. Exploring the pros and cons of polycultures in aquaculture.
Andreas Persson: BSc. Working with the effects of grazing on chain length in strains of a marine diatom.
Jonas Ericson: MSc. ‘Predator diversity and the functioning of intertidal communities’.
Fredrik Ljunghager: MSc. ‘Effects of grazer diversity on algal communities’.
Johan Wallén: MSc. ‘Intraspecific diversity of Balanus improvisus and settling success’.