Lars Gamfeldt, Principle Investigator: Lars is a senior lecturer in marine benthic ecology at the Department for marine sciences, University of Gothenburg, in Sweden. His main interests concern the causes and consequences of changes biodiversity. Lars is involved in many collaborations with e.g. John Griffin (UK), Jon Lefcheck (US), Jarrett Byrnes (US), Fabian Roger (Swe), Micael Jonsson (Swe), Tord Snäll (Swe) and Janne Bengtsson (Swe).
Lars strongly believes that scientists need to lead by example when it comes to issues such as climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.
Uninteresting fact: Lars doesn’t like to wear shoes or socks more than necessary.
Favourite song: Unfinished sympathy (Massive Attack)

James George Hagan, PhD student: James is working on how biodiversity is changing at different scales of space and time and the potential functional consequences of these changes. James’ PhD will address questions like: is the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function scale-dependent? Do regionally diverse communities deliver higher rates of mean ecosystem functioning? What are the mechanisms that could explain this?
With his PhD, James hopes to provide insights into how biodiversity is changing, the potential functional consequences of those changes and the mechanisms that may be responsible for these changes.
Uninteresting fact: James enjoys second-hand shopping for interesting mugs and Christmas sweaters
Favourite song:  Triangular daisies (Rubblebucket)
Twitter: @James_G_Hagan



Fabian Roger, PhD student: Fabian worked with questions concerning the consequences of losing species in the rare biosphere. He’s currently a postdoc at Lund University.

Jenny Egardt, PhD student: Jenny’s project was about outdoor recreation in marine protected areas, and its potential effect on the environment. As a case study she used the newly founded marine national park, Kosterhavet, where she mapped activities associated with outdoor recreation and their effects on shallow coastal areas.

Johan Eklöf, postdoc: Johan studied the consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss in seagrass systems. He is now a lecturer at Stockholm university (see web page).

Knut Wester Kringstad, BSc thesis: Exploring the pros and cons of polycultures in aquaculture.

Andreas Persson, BSc thesis: Working with the effects of grazing on chain length in strains of a marine diatom.

Jonas Ericson, MSc thesis: ‘Predator diversity and the functioning of intertidal communities’.

Fredrik Ljunghager, MSc thesis: ‘Effects of grazer diversity on algal communities’.

Johan Wallén, MSc thesis: ‘Intraspecific diversity of Balanus improvisus and settling success’.