Lars Gamfeldt: I am an associate professor in ecology at the Department of biological and evironmental sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. My main interests concern the causes and consequences of biodiversity. I currently work with freshwater rock pools as a model systems, in which small metazoans such as daphnids and copepods are the main players. I’m also involved in work synthesising the relationship between biodiversity and multifunctionality, across systems and organism types.

Fabian Roger: Fabian is a PhD student interested in the consequences of losing species in the rare biosphere. He’s currently working with lake bacterial communities.

Jenny Egardt, PhD student: Jenny’s project is about outdoor recreation in marine protected areas, and its potential effect on the environment. As a case study she is using the newly founded marine national park, Kosterhavet, where she will map activities associated with outdoor recreation and their effects on shallow coastal areas.

Previous members of the group:
Johan Eklöf, postdoc: Johan studied the consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss in seagrass systems. He is now a lecturer at Stockholm university (see web page).
Knut Wester Kringstad: BSC. Exploring the pros and cons of polycultures in aquaculture.
Andreas Persson: BSc. Working with the effects of grazing on chain length in strains of a marine diatom.
Jonas Ericson: MSc. ‘Predator diversity and the functioning of intertidal communities’.
Fredrik Ljunghager: MSc. ‘Effects of grazer diversity on algal communities’.
Johan Wallén: MSc. ‘Intraspecific diversity of Balanus improvisus and settling success’.